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Takuji ONO

Japan Football Hall of Fame

2nd group of inductees, 2006
Born in Hokkaido Prefecture on July 14, 1906.
Graduates Chuo University.
Appointed as representative of the JFA in 1935, and devotes his energies to promoting business aimed at the popularisation and development of soccer, as well as the reconstruction of Japanese soccer after the Second World War, over approximately 35 years (excluding a period before and after the end of the war) until his retirement as executive director in 1976.
Leads the Japanese national team at the 1st Japan-Manchuria Friendly Football Tournament in 1935. Accompanies the national team to the Games of the 11th Olympiad (Berlin) in 1936 and is responsible for all general affairs.
Appointed to the JFA board of directors after the war, in 1951. Engages in the business of general and financial affairs during a time of difficult political conditions, and together with the reinvigoration of the JFA's organisation, Ono also actively promotes the invitation of Dettmar Cramer, the dispatch of the Japan national team to play overseas, and the invitation of foreign teams to Japan, laying the foundations for the international activities of Japanese soccer. Appointed as executive director of the association following its conversion into an incorporated foundation in 1974.
Contributes to the success of the Games of the 18th Olympiad (Tokyo) in 1964, and the Asian Youth Championships in 1965 and 1971 (both in Japan) as a key member of the operating personnel.
Also actively promotes regional tours as manager of the Chuo University soccer team after the war, and contributes to the popularity of soccer in the region. Achieves victory with an all-students team in the 42nd Emperor's Cup All-Japan Soccer Championship Tournament in 1962, beating Furukawa Electric FC in the final.
Awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honour in 1968, and the 4th Class Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1978.
Passes away in 1991.
Elected into Japan Football Hall of Fame as part of second group of inductees in 2006.

*Information supplied by Japan Football Museum


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