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Japan Football Hall of Fame

2nd group of inductees, 2006
Born in Tokyo on November 6, 1908.
Graduates from Tokyo Imperial University.
First learns football at the Tokyo Prefectural Fifth Junior High School (now Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa High School), before going on to play the sport at Urawa Higher School and Tokyo Imperial University. Succeeds Shigemaru Takenokoshi as centre half for Tokyo Imperial University, and lays the foundations for the university窶冱 golden era.
Later switches position to defender, and appears on the international stage at the 9th Far Eastern Championship Games in 1930 (Tokyo). Japan beats the Philippines, and ultimately shares the title following a 3-3 draw with the Republic of China.
Captains the national team at the Games of the 11th Olympiad (1936, Berlin). Given the honour of carrying the national flag at the opening ceremony. As the sole survivor from the 1930 Far Eastern Championship Games side, the team窶冱 trust in Takeuchi is high, and he contributes greatly to the victory over a Sweden side that had been considered as potential champions, with an excellent level of understanding and ability in a new tactical system featuring three full backs.
Visits various places throughout Europe by himself after the Olympics, contributing to technical improvement in Japanese soccer by reporting on local football conditions to the JFA and supplying the latest information from across the world.
Serves as JFA representative, Kanto Football Association board member, and as deputy director of the Officials Division and member of the Technical Division of the Football Preparatory Committee for the Games of the 12th Olympiad (the cancelled Tokyo Olympics), focusing his attention on technical instruction and on training referees.
Dies of illness on April 12, 1946, while being detained in Siberia

*Information supplied by Japan Football Museum



  • 6 November 1908 - Born in Tokyo.
  • April 1921 - Joins Tokyo Fifth Prefectural Junior High School (now Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa High School).
  • 1924 - Starts playing football after an association football club is founded at the Fifth Junior High School.
    September - Plays for the school team at the 1st All-Japan Junior High School Football Tournament, hosted at Tokyo Normal Higher School, but suffers defeat in the second round.
  • September 1925 - Appears at the 2nd All-Japan Junior High School Football Tournament, where the Fifth Junior High School is beaten 2-0 in the quarter finals by the Tokyo Normal Higher School-Affiliated Junior High School, which goes on to win the competition.
  • 1926 - Graduates from the Fifth Junior High School and enters the old Urawa Higher School (now Saitama University). Joins the association football club and devotes himself to training.
  • January 1927 - Appears at the 5th All-Japan High School Football Tournament (the former Inter-High). Urawa Higher School beats Niigata High School (now Niigata University) 4-0 in the first round, and then defeats Waseda High School 2-0 in the second round, but is eliminated after a 3-0 loss to Hiroshima High School (now Hiroshima University) in the semi final. Takeuchi plays at half back. The Hiroshima High School features two of his future teammates at the University of Tokyo - Shiro Teshima and Masao Nozawa.
  • January 1928 - Urawa Higher School loses 2-1 to Waseda High School in the third round (quarter final) of the 6th Inter-High tournament. The Waseda High School, featuring future Japanese national team coach Koichi Kudo, goes on to win the competition.
    April - Enters Tokyo Imperial University (now the University of Tokyo) and joins the university football club, playing in league matches that autumn. Helps the team win the Kanto University League title in each of the four years that he is there, up to 1931, playing at either full back or half back.
  • May 1950 - Appears for the Japanese national team at the 9th Far Eastern Championship Games. Japan wins the football competition after a 7-2 win over the Philippines and a 3-3 draw with the Republic of China.
  • 1932 - Graduates from the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Economics, and joins the Tokyo Fire Insurance Company, Ltd. (now Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.).
  • August 1936 - Appears for the Japanese national team at the Olympic Games in Berlin. Helps Japan come from behind to record a 3-2 win over Sweden in the first round, before losing 8-0 to Italy in the quarter final. Travels around other European countries, such as Italy and England, to watch football matches for two months after the Games.
  • 1944 - Called up for military duty.
  • 1945 - Detained in Siberia at the end of the war.
  • 12 April 1946 - Dies of an illness while still captive in Siberia.
  • 23 May 2006 - Elected into the Japan Football Hall of Fame as part of the second group of inductees.