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5th group of inductees, 2008
Born in Taipei on 26 February 1907 (grows up in Hiroshima Prefecture).
First enjoys football at the Hiroshima Higher Normal School-Affiliated Junior High School, before going on to play for Hiroshima High School, Tokyo Imperial University, and Tokyo Imperial University LB. Plays mainly as a centre-forward, becoming one of the most recognised strikers in pre-war Japanese football.
His Hiroshima High School team finishes as runners-up in the All-Japan High School Football Tournament in 1926, before winning the tournament in 1928 (the 1927 edition was cancelled due to the death of the Emperor). Joins a Tokyo Imperial University team aiming for its fourth consecutive Kanto University League title in 1929, and becomes a regular starter in league games from that autumn. Forms a strong partnership with Hideo Shinojima to lead Tokyo Imperial University into a golden era, culminating in a sixth straight Kanto University League title in 1931.
Appears at the 9th Far Eastern Championship Games for the first Japanese select team (national team) to be assembled since the foundation of the JFA. Scores twice, including a valuable opening goal, against a Republic of China team that had dominated East Asian football. Finishes with a record of three goals from two goals, as his superb performances help Japan win its first ever title in an international competition.
Despite being only 152cm in height, he creates several chances for the Japanese team through his skilful play, using his unique footwork, movement, and superior agility to outfox opposing defenders.
Manages the All-Kansai representative team in an East-West Challenge Match (attended by the Emperor) in 1947. Later helps develop the Tanabe Seiyaku Football Club, helping them win six consecutive All-Japan Company Football Tournaments (1950-55).
Member of the board of the Kansai Football Association.
Passes away in 1982.
Elected into Japan Football Hall of Fame as part of fifth group of inductees in 2008.

*Information supplied by Japan Football Museum



  • 26 February 1907 - Born in Taiwan. His father, Heijiro, was serving as a high-ranking official under the Governor-General of Taiwan at the time. Heijiro originally hailed from Hiroshima, and had graduated from the University of Tokyo - where he studied alongside Reijiro Wakatsuki (the 25th and 28th Prime Minister of Japan) - in 1892.
  • 1924 - Graduates from the Hiroshima Higher Normal School-Affiliated Junior High School.
  • 1925 - Enters Hiroshima Higher School (going directly into the second year).
  • January 1926 - Hiroshima Higher School is runner-up in the Inter-High Tournament.
  • January 1927 - The Inter-High Tournament is cancelled due to the death of the Taisho Emperor.
  • January 1928 - Hiroshima Higher School wins the Inter-High Tournament.
  • January 1929 - Hiroshima Higher School is knocked out in the second round of the Inter-High Tournament. Teshima moves to the University of Tokyo, and wins the Kanto University League (the university team's fourth title in a row) that autumn.
  • 1930 - Achieves victory at the 9th Far Eastern Championship Games with the Japanese national team.
  • 1931 - The University of Tokyo wins the Kanto University League (for the sixth time in a row).
  • 1932 - Starts work at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • 1940 - Joins the Tanabe Seiyaku pharmaceutical company.
  • 1959 - Leaves Tanabe Seiyaku.
  • 6 November 1982 - Passes away
  • 15 August 2008 - Elected into the Japan Hall of Fame as part of the fifth group of inductees.