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Japan Football Hall of Fame

2nd group of inductees, 2006
Born in Tochigi Prefecture on January 21, 1910.
Graduates from Tokyo Imperial University.
President of Mitsubishi Kasei Industries Corporation, and first president of Mitsubishi Kagaku Institute of Life Sciences.
Vice-president of the Japan Federation of Economic Organisations.
Plays football at Tokyo High School and Tokyo Imperial University. As captain, leads Tokyo Imperial University to a fifth consecutive Tokyo College League title in 1930, laying the foundations for a golden era for the university (which would go on to win a sixth straight title in 1931). Appears at the 9th Far Eastern Championship Games in 1930 (Tokyo), scoring a goal against the Republic of China, and helping Japan achieve its first ever Far Eastern title. Becomes one of the star players for the national team before the war.
Takes the positions of standing director, chair of the board, and vice-present (as of 1965) at the JFA across a period of over 20 years of economic difficulties, from the period of recovery after the war to the association's conversion into an incorporated foundation (in 1974). Supports the rebirth and development of Japanese football, focusing attention on active overseas tours for the Japan national team, and on exchange with teams from overseas.
Despite strong calls for his promotion to president, health problems lead Shinojima to recommend high school and university friend Tomisaburo Hirai for the post, and to resign from his position as vice-president in 1975. Jointly holds post as Kanto Football Association president while JFA vice-president.
Brings about the broadcasting of "Mitsubishi Diamond Soccer" on TV Tokyo from 1968, with the help of with Tetsuji Morohashi and others from the Mitsubishi Corporation. This programme contributes greatly to the spread and development of football in Japan, with regular broadcasting of world-class teams at a time when information was scarcely available. This sows seeds for future prosperity of Japanese soccer.
Awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honour in 1969, and the 1st Class Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1975.
Passes away in 1975.
Elected into Japan Football Hall of Fame as part of second group of inductees in 2006.

*Information supplied by Japan Football Museum



  • 21January 1910 - Born in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture.
  • 1916 - Enters Aoyama Elementary School in Tokyo. Transfers to Jonan Elementary School in his fourth year, and plays as a pitcher in inter-class baseball games.
  • 1921 - Passes the entrance exams and enters Tokyo Kaisei Junior High School upon the completion of his fifth year at elementary school.
  • 1922 - Transfers to the newly-founded Ordinary School at Tokyo High School (equivalent to a junior high school at the time) during his second year at Tokyo Kaisei Junior High School. First learns to kick a rubber football.
  • September 1923 - Tokyo High School's Ordinary School moves premises after its buildings are destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake. With larger playing grounds, football becomes a full-scale activity at the school, which goes on to take part in Kanto Tournaments.
  • March 1925 - Graduates from the Ordinary School at Tokyo High School.
    April - Progresses to the Faculty of Humanities at Tokyo High School.
  • January 1926 - Appears at the 4th All-Japan High School (Inter-High) Football Tournament, where Tokyo High School beats Meiji University Preparatory School in the first round before losing 1-0 to Waseda High School in the quarter-final.
  • 1927 - In the Kanto qualifying tournament for the Meiji Shrine Tournament/All-Japan Championship Tournament, Tokyo High School beats the First High School in the first round, before taking the scalp of the University of Tokyo - captained by Shigemaru Takenokoshi, and thought to be the best team around at the time - in the semi-final. However, Tokyo High School is beaten in the final qualifying round by Waseda University.
  • March 1928 - Graduates from Tokyo High School.
    April - Enters the Department of Jurisprudence in the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo. Plays as a forward for the university's football team, winning three consecutive Kanto University League titles up to 1930 - part of what ultimately becomes five titles in a row for the university team.
  • 1930 - Appears for the Japanese national team at the 9th Far Eastern Championship Games. Japan beats the Philippines 7-2 and draws 3-3 with the Republic of China to share the overall title with the latter and stand on the top step of East Asian football for the first time.
  • 1931 - Graduates from the University of Tokyo. Joins the Mitsubishi Mining Company (now Mitsubishi Materials Corporation).
  • March 1941 - Appointed as executive managing director of the Gohei Tanabe Pharmacy (now Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation).
    July - Called up to the armed forces.
  • June 1942 - Released from the armed forces.
  • March 1945 - Leaves Tanabe Seiyaku.
    November - Joins Mitsubishi Kasei Industries Corporation (now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation).
  • 1952 - Appointed as standing director of the Japan Football Association (JFA).
  • April 1955 - Appointed to the board of directors at Mitsubishi Kasei Industries Corporation, and as superintendant of the company's factory in Kurosaki.
  • March 1958 - Becomes executive director at Mitsubishi Kasei Industries Corporation.
  • April 1959 - Appointed as an executive director of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (now the Japan Business Federation).
  • 1960 - Appointed as a member of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives.
  • 1961 - Appointed as chair of the board of the JFA (serving until 1965), and works to contribute to the success of the Tokyo Olympic Games.
    September - Appointed as vice-president of Mitsubishi Kasei Industries Corporation.
  • July 1964 - Appointed as president of Mitsubishi Kasei Industries Corporation.
  • 1965 - Appointed as vice-president of the JFA (serving until 1975).
  • April 1968 - The 窶弄itsubishi Diamond Soccer' football programme starts broadcasting on Tokyo Channel 12 (now TV Tokyo). The programme is sponsored by the Mitsubishi Group.
  • May 1974 - Appointed as vice-chairman of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations.
    July - Appointed as chairman of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations.
  • 11 February 1975 - Passes away due to acute cardiac failure. Posthumously awarded the 1st Class Order of the Sacred Treasure.
  • 23May 2006 - Elected into the Japan Hall of Fame as part of the second group of inductees.