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History of Japanese Soccer


The effects were beginning to be seen of the All-Japan High School Football Tournament (Inter-High), which had started in 1923, as players who had honed their skills in three years of practice at high school began to assemble at the University of Tokyo. The university took its first championship in the Kanto University League that kicked off in October. At the centre of the team was Shigemaru Takenokoshi, known as "Noko-san", who had trained under Kyaw Din during his time at Yamaguchi High School. The University of Tokyo would go on to record six consecutive Kanto University League titles, stretching from the third edition this year to the eight edition.

Students were now not only training physically and technically, but were also discussing tactical ideas and techniques amongst themselves, and this phenomenon had spread to different schools and right across the country.

Kyoto University had also accepted students with Inter-High experience, and in 1925 the university formed a football club, joined the Kansai Student League, and set up a regular challenge match with the University of Tokyo.

The 9th Japanese Football Tournament was held at Koshien in January and a national qualifying system had been adopted by the hosts, the Mainichi Shimbun, this year, meaning that the teams to gather at Koshien were those that had won through the respective qualifying tournaments in each of eight regions - Kanto, Tokai, Hokuriku, Kyotsuna (Kyoto, Shiga, Nara), Hanwa (Osaka, Wakayama), Hyogo, Chugoku, and Korea.

The champions were the Hyogo representatives, Mikage Normal School. Having beaten their rivals Kobe First Junior High School 4-2 in qualifying, Mikage beat the Korean representatives Pai Chai Junior High School 3-0 in the first round of the main competition, before beating Kyoto Normal School in the semi-final and Hiroshima First Junior High School in the final to claim their first ever truly national title. It was, however, the eighth time that Mikage had won this tournament since it was first held.

On December 25, the Taisho Emperor passed away, and Crown Prince Hirohito ascended to the throne, with his reign to take the name Showa. The 10th Japanese Football Tournament, which had been scheduled for the following January, was cancelled as a mark of respect.

In the World Women's Athletics Championships held in Sweden in August, Kinue Hitomi won the gold medal in the long jump with a new world record of 5m 50cm. This was the first victory for a Japanese female athlete in international competition.

Football League in England sees major rise in the number of goals due to revision of the offside law. Clubs at pains to develop defensive strategies.

Japan Soccer
  • Jan 9th Japanese Football Tournament is first to be played as a national competition with a qualifying system. Representatives of eight regions assemble at Koshien. Name of tournament changed to All-Japan Junior High School Football Championship Tournament
  • Oct University of Tokyo champions of Kanto University League. Start of golden era for the university
  • Nov
World Soccer


  • 9th All-Japan Junior High School Football Championship Tournament
    Champions: Mikage Normal School(Koshien, 8 regional representatives participate *formerly Japanese Football Tournament)
    1st round -- 3-0 Pai Chai Junior High School (Korea)
    Semi-final -- 2-1 Kyoto Normal School
    Final -- 1-0 Hiroshima First Junior High School

  • 3rd Kanto University League
    Division 1 -- 6 schools(October 7 - April 1927)
    (1) University of Tokyo W4 D1
    (2) Hosei University W3 L2
    (3) Waseda University W2 D1 L1
    (4) Tokyo Normal Higher School W2 L3
    (5) First High School W1 D1 L2
    (6) Tokyo University of Agriculture D1 L4

  • 4th Kansai Student Association Football League(Currently, Kansai Student League)
    7 schools participate(November 12 -)
    (1) Kwansei Gakuin W6
    (2) Kobe High School of Commerce W5 L1
    (3) Kansai University W3 L3
    (4) Kyoto University W3 L3
    (5) Osaka University of Foreign Studies W2 D1 L3
    (6) Wakayama High School of Commerce W1 D1 L4
    (7) Kobe High School of Industry L6

National Team


  • Aug The Broadcasting Corporation of Japan founded
  • Aug Kinue Hitomi achieves historic feat in 2nd World Women's Athletics Championships in Sweden
  • Dec Taisho Emperor passes away. Prince Regent Hirohito ascends to throne. Imperial era name changed to Showa
  • Nov National government of China moves its capital to Wuhan
  • Nov Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee expels Leon Trotsky and Grigory Zinoviev from the Politburo