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History of Japanese Soccer


In the 8th Football Tournament, held at Koshien (baseball stadium) in February, Kobe First Junior High School beat the seven-in-a-row defending champions, Mikage Normal School, to claim the trophy. Their triumph was achieved by using speed and agility to overcome their physical handicap, with the players two years younger than their opponents from the normal school.

Instrumental in the technical improvement of the players was the half-day coaching of Kyaw Din. The Burmese, who had learnt his soccer from Scotsmen, taught a short passing, attacking game, and this style of play came into bloom during this tournament.

In Kanto, the 8th Kanto Tournament was won by Aoyama Normal School, meaning that the competition had been completely dominated by normal schools with four titles each for Aoyama Normal School and Toshima Normal School to date. Junior high school teams were yet to record a single title.

The preliminary competition to determine the team to participate in the Far Eastern Championship Games took a three-team knockout format, fought out between Kanto representatives Waseda University, Kansai representatives Osaka Soccer Club, and the Black Cats Club.

The Black Cats were a selection team supported by the JFA, consisting of players from the universities and high schools of Kanto and Kansai and centred mainly on the Rijo Football Club (winners of the 4th All-Japan Championship Tournament and representatives of the Chugoku region), but it was Osaka Soccer Club that was to win the right to represent Japan by beating the Black Cats, following a win over Waseda University in extra time in the first round.

At a meeting of the International Football Association Board in June, the offside rule was altered to change the minimum number of opposing players required to be closer to the goal line from three to two.

This would not be applied in Japan until January 30 of the following year, but the change in the rules would lead to a major revolution in the tactics and systems used throughout soccer.

Japan Soccer
  • Jan Kobe First Junior High School wins its first title in the 8th Japanese Football Tournament
  • Jan Matsuyama High School wins its first title in the 3rd All-Japan High School Football Tournament(Inter-High)
  • May Osaka Soccer Club represents Japan in 7th Far Eastern Championship Games, P2 L2
  • Sep Kansai University becomes first student team to visit Shanghai
  • Oct 5th All-Japan Championship Tournament (now Emperor's Cup)/2nd Meiji Shrine Tournament won by Rijo Football Club
  • Nov Tokyo Normal Higher School champions of Kanto University League (completed January 1926)
  • Nov Kansai University champions of Kansai Student League (completed January 1926)
World Soccer
  • Jun International Football Association Board revises offside rule. Changed from three opposing players to two


  • 3rd All-Japan High School Football Tournament
    (13 schools participate)
    Final -- Matsuyama High School 3-2 Yamaguchi High School

  • 2nd Waseda-Kwangaku Match
    Waseda University 2-2 Kwansei Gakuin University

  • 7th Far Eastern Championship Games Representative Preliminary Tournament
    (Tokyo Normal Higher School)
    1st round -- Osaka Soccer Club (Kansai) 2-1 Waseda University (Kanto)
    Final -- Osaka Soccer Club (Kansai) 1-0 Black Cats (Chugoku)

  • 2nd Kanto University League
    Division 1 -- 6 schools(November-January 1926)
    (1) Tokyo Normal Higher School
    (2) University of Tokyo
    (3) Waseda University
    (4) Hosei University
    (5) First High School
    (6) Keio University

  • 3rd Kansai Student Association Football League(Currently, Kansai Student League)
    (November-January 1926, 5 schools participate)
    (1) Kansai University
    (2) Kwansei Gakuin University
    (3) Kobe High School of Commerce
    (4) Osaka University of Foreign Studies
    (5) Wakayama High School of Commerce

National Team

  • 7th Far Eastern Championship Games
    (Manila, 3-nation league)
    May 17 -- Japan 0-4 Philippines
    May 20 -- Japan 0-2 Republic of Korea


  • Feb Ski Association of Japan founded
  • Apr Japan Association of Athletics Federations founded
  • May Major earthquake in Tajima area in northern Hyogo Prefecture. Magnitude 7.0, 2556 homes collapsed or lost to fire, 428 fatalities
  • Sep Tokyo Big6 Baseball League starts
  • Oct 1st simple national census.
    Total population: 83,456,929
    of which native Japanese: 59,736,822
  • Jan Communist Party of China holds national conference in Guangzhou
  • Feb Strikes take place in Japanese-financed companies throughout China(February-May)
  • Mar Sun Yat-sen dies after illness in Beijing
  • Apr Paul von Hindenburg elected president of Germany
  • Oct National Palace Museum opened in China
  • Dec Communist Party holds its 14th congress in the Soviet Union. Stalin's philosophy of single-state socialism accepted, and party name officially changed to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union