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History of Japanese Soccer


In the Republic of China, the Northern Expedition of Sun Yat-sen's Kuomintang made its way to the north of the country, resulting in Puyi, the final emperor of the Qing Dynasty fleeing to the Japanese legation in Beijing, and the Kuomintang finally showing control over the country. However, the warlords still retained much power, and the Communist Party also began to grow in strength itself. Japan, meanwhile, saw the marriage of Crown Prince Hirohito, and signs of a new brighter mood following the trauma of the Great Kanto Earthquake.

In Kansai, the building of a giant baseball stadium as planned by Hanshin Electric Railway was completed in the summer, and since this year saw both the ten heavenly stems and the twelve earthly branches of Chinese astrology simultaneously returned to the beginnings of their cycles - Yang Wood and the Rat, respectively - for the first time in sixty years, the ballpark was named Koshien after the readings of these respective Chinese characters.

The outfield of the ballpark was particularly spacious, with plans being in place for the venue to be used not only for baseball, but for soccer and rugby as well.

In Tokyo, construction was completed at the Meiji Shrine Outer Garden Stadium, and the 1st Meiji Shrine Sports Tournament was held. With new major constructions in both the west and the east of Japan, passion for sports was on the rise.

In Europe, the 1st Winter Olympic Games were held in Chamonix in France, while the Games of the 8th Olympiad were held in Paris in the summer.

In the Olympic soccer competition, Uruguay arrived from South America and showed fantastic technique in winning the gold medal. Their scorelines were rather emphatic, as the team scored 20 goals for just two conceded in the five matches between the first knockout round and the final.
Rules of soccer revised to allow "goals scored directly from corner kicks".

Japan Soccer
  • Jan Waseda High School successfully defends its title in the 2nd All-Japan High School Football Tournament
  • Feb 3rd Emperor's Cup (All-Japan Championship Tournament) held after postponement due to Great Kanto Earthquake, with Astra Club victorious
  • Oct 4th Emperor's Cup held as football competition within 1st Meiji Shrine Sports Tournament, with Rijo Club victorious
World Soccer
  • Jul Uruguay takes first gold medal in Paris Olympic soccer tournament. 22 countries participate in knockout format
    1st round -- 7-0 Yugoslavia
    2nd round -- 3-0 United States
    Quarter-final -- 5-1 Francev
    Semi-final -- 2-1 Netherlands
    Final -- 3-0 Switzerland


  • 2nd All-Japan High School Football Tournament
    (January 3-5, 11 schools participate)
    Final -- Waseda High School 3-1 Eighth High School

  • 1st Waseda-Keio Match
    Waseda University 2-0 Keio University

  • 1st Kansai Specialist School League(Currently, Kansai Student League)
    (January, 3 schools participate)
    (1) Kansai University W1 D1
    (2) Kobe High School of Commerce W1 L1
    (3) Kwansei Gakuin D1 L1
    * 1923 edition held in January 1924, 2nd edition held in November

  • 3rd All-Japan Championship Tournament(Currently, Emperor's Cup)
    * Postponed to February 1924

  • 4th All-Japan Championship Tournament(Currently, Emperor's Cup)
    Final -- Rijo Club 4-1 All Mikage Normal School Club

  • 2nd Kansai Specialist School League(Currently, Kansai Student League)
    (3 schools participate)
    (1) Kansai University
    (2) Kwansei Gakuin University
    (3) Kobe High School of Commerce

  • 1st Kanto College League
    (November 22, 1924 - February 15, 1925)
    Division 1 -- 6 schools
    (1) Waseda University W4 L1
    (2) University of Tokyo W3 D1 L1
    (3) Hosei University W2 D1 L2
    (4) Tokyo Normal Higher School W2 D1 L2
    (5) Keio University W0 D3 L2
    (6) Tokyo University of Agriculture W1 D0 L4

    Division 2 -- 6 schools
    (1) First High School W4 D1

National Team


  • Jan Crown Prince Hirohito (Showa Emperor) marries Nagako Kuni. To commemorate the marriage, Ueno Park and Ueno Zoo presented to Tokyo City
  • Apr 1st National Junior High School Baseball Invitational Tournament hosted by Osaka Mainichi Shimbun
  • Aug Construction of Koshien Stadium completed
  • Oct Meiji Shrine Outer Garden Stadium completed
  • Jan 1st Winter Olympic Games held in Chamonix, France. 294 athletes from 16 countries participate
  • Jul Games of the 8th Olympiad held in Paris