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History of Japanese Soccer


The Great War grew in intensity in Europe with a number of battles that would forever be remembered in history, such as the Battle of Verdun from February and the Battle of Jutland from May, and September seeing the British Army send the first tanks into combat on the battle lines of the Somme. The momentum of the war was gradually leaning towards the Anglo-French alliance, and Germany even called for United States President Wilson to intermediate for peace, but this would not happen immediately.

Amidst such fierce battle, the story has been passed down of a brief Christmas truce, where British and German soldiers on the frontlines of the Somme climbed out of their trenches to play a football match in no man's land.

This event has since been recorded in British history textbooks, and illustrates how football had already become a common source of entertainment across different European countries by this time.

As far as sport in Japan was concerned, preparations were under way for the 3rd Far Eastern Championship Games to be held next year, with track and field athletes and swimmers attending practice camps in Chiba Prefecture, and a preliminary competition for the soccer event being held in autumn. The Kansai representative preliminaries were held at the Naruo Ground in October, with Meisei Commercial, Kwansei Gakuin, Doshisha, Himeji Normal School, and Mikage Normal School taking part. Mikage won the competition, but their participation was ultimately withdrawn due to scheduling and other issues.

Japan Soccer
  • Oct Representative preliminaries for 3rd Far Eastern Championship Games held in Kansai. Mikage Normal School wins but has to withdraw due to scheduling
World Soccer
  • Jul July 2-17 - 1st Copa America (South American Championship) held in Argentina. Uruguay champions with W2 D1 record.
    Uruguay 4-0 Chile
    Argentina 6-1 Chile
    Chile 1-1 Brazil
    Argentina 1-1 Brazil
    Uruguay 2-1 Brazil


National Team


  • Jan Ichiya Kumagai wins Far East Tennis Championships (Manila)
  • Nov Prince Hirohito declared Crown Prince
  • Mar Yuan Shikai abandons monarchism in Republic of China
  • Jun Yuan Shikai dies