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History of Japanese Soccer


In July, following the assassination by a young Serbian of the Austrian crown prince Franz Ferdinand, the First World War began. Because of its position in the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, Japan declared war on Germany on August 23. Japan attacked and captured the German naval port of Qingdao in Shandong Province, Republic of China, and the Japanese navy also captured the German Pacific islands north of the equator.

The capture of the German base in Qingdao saw the beginnings of cultural exchange with Germany, with Beethoven's Ninth Symphony"Choral" and German cakes being introduced to Japan by German prisoners of war, and a soccer team in the prison camp on Ninoshima, Hiroshima helping greatly to raise the level of the sport in the Hiroshima region.

In the Kanto region, as with the previous year, a number of requests for coaching and for matches were submitted to Tokyo Normal Higher School by various different teaching schools. In Tokyo Normal Higher School Football Club's report for this year, it was written that the club lost a match played in the rain with Hiratsuka Foreigners' Club by a score of 2-3 on October 26, and that this had taught them both that rain does not necessitate the postponement of soccer matches, and indeed that playing in the rain was more fun.

In the Kansai region, a Kansai Association Football Tournament was held at Kyoto Normal School in November, with teaching schools from Mikage, Kyoto, Himeji, and Shiga taking part. In Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe First Junior High School played its first external matches, including one with KRAC (Kobe Regatta and Athletics Club). Through exchange with this club, made up of overseas nationals, Kobe First Junior High School learned new rules, tactics, and techniques.

In Hiroshima, 1914 saw Hiroshima First Junior High School (now Hiroshima Kokutaiji High School) form a soccer team. Yuzuru Nozu (fourth chairman of the JFA), a fourth-year, played at full-back.

Brazilian Football Confederation founded. Invites Exeter City FC of United Kingdom to play against first ever Brazilian national team (Brazil win 2-0).

Japan Soccer
  • Oct Kobe First Junior High School plays match against Kobe Regatta and Athletics Club. Loses 2-3
  • Nov Kansai Association Football Tournament held at Kyoto Normal School
World Soccer
  • Apr King George V attends England's FA Cup final, which thereby becomes "the first royal cup final" (Burnley 1-0 Liverpool)


National Team


  • Jan Sakurajima eruption
  • Mar House of Peers (now House of Councillors) cuts naval expenditure. Yamamoto cabinet resigns in wake of budget failure
  • Aug First Water Championships (national swimming tournament) held
  • Aug War declared on Germany
  • Nov Japanese navy captures Qingdao
  • Dec Tokyo Station opens (start of Tokaido Line moved from Shimbashi to Tokyo)
  • Jun Austrian crown prince assassinated
  • Jul Austria declares war on Serbia
  • Aug Panama Canal opened
  • Aug Germany declares war on Russia, and subsequently on France. France declares war on Germany. United Kingdom declares war on Germany